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Unlocking Efficiency and Flexibility

At Opticon 2023 in San Diego, leaders in digital experience platforms, unveiled a groundbreaking product:the world’s first marketing operating system. This innovative system promises to revolutionise the landscape of content management by delivering a user-friendly solution that doesn't compromise on customizability.

One of the new features is a core structure that's fully decoupled. This headless design stores content as raw data, ensuring versatility and reusability across various channels. This also creates the key advantage of being a versionless, hassle-free system with automatic upgrades, eliminating manual updates and enabling organisations to concentrate on their marketing strategies.

Furthermore, this platform seamlessly integrates with a unified AI-driven process, striking a balance between adaptability and simplicity. Notably, it's designed with API integration in mind, making third-party integrations a breeze. The benefits encompass streamlined development, comprehensive support, cost-effectiveness, accessibility, automatic upgrades, and streamlined back-end operations.

Choosing the most suitable solution depends on a wide variety of factors such as developer access and your organisation's size. Find out more ways Optimizely’s SaaS based CMS can elevate your marketing operations.

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